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Latest From Our Blog

World’s Smallest Casinos Ever


Whenever we recount casinos, we are gripped onto the elegant and stately lobbies of the world’s colossal casinos, which are splendid in itself because of its exclusive and classic architecture. The question that looks over the horizon is what about the smaller casinos that are equally enthralling. Concealed in various corners of the world are our uncelebrated heroes that can captivate our souls and charm our sight.

Slots-A-Fun Casino, Las Vegas

The unsung and smallest casino in the Las Vegas strip. Much adored since its inception in 1971. Then in 1979, this place was taken over by Circus Circus Enterprises and was famous for the fresh and delicious popcorn they made. And the best news is that it was free!

Ultimately in 2009, MGM took over and fashioned the brand that it is now celebrated for.

Las vegas

Here you could pamper yourself with low-bet games of craps and blackjack, but ever since 2011, the more prominent games that have received attention are slots and electronic table games. You get a taste of that Las Vegas experience with a splendid bar and perfected with a mini-bowling alley.

North Cadbury Court, Somerset

This casino is cuddled in the basement of an exquisite 400-year old country estate wedding niche. A very compact and magnificent casino despite the limited space. This underground room can carry a maximum capacity of 30 people.

Here you are accorded a regal treatment in this basement casino, and you have a say to decide who plays and what game to indulge in with extra attention. Who wouldn’t love that? There you also have the option of poker and live table games hosted by seasoned dealers on casino-sized tables.

Macau Palace, Macau

This was the famous James Bond location that was a fad from The Man with the Golden Gun. The awe-inspiring facet of this casino is that it is a floating casino.

If you fancy escaping those scrutinizing glances, then this is your elixir. It grants the choice of low stakes gambling with accessibility to place wagers. To be freed from those bustling crowd, this place has just ten live table games and a corner designed for slots.

This charming place was fondly recollected as the Pirate Ship positioned at the Fisherman’s Wharf adjacent to the ferry terminal.

Macau Palace

Santa Ysabel Casino, San Diego

This is a compact tribal casino in the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel on the Palomar Mountain trail. This is nearly the size of a two-bed apartment with just 600 Sq Ft. If you are enthralled by adventure, and after embarking on a hike, you fancy a spin on the slots. Here is your magic bullet that can furnish you with your adrenaline rush. A crucial financial crunch in 2014 led to its closure, and it has now reopened as a marijuana dispensary.

Zynga Made Game of Thrones-Themed Online Slot is Here to Stay!

Online Slot

When you play Game of Throne, you either win or die; a sensational series comprising blood, war, nudity, and love, Game of Thrones is worth watching. If you are a GoT fan and a passionate slot player, this article is the right choice you would never regret for the rest of your life. We present to you the amazing Game of Thrones-themed online game manufactured by Zynga. This game can be supported on both iOS and Android platforms. The software provider, Zynga, has struggled to bring the best in industry user experience for the players. Even if you are not a fan of casino or slot games, you can still dive into the space to know more about Game of Thrones. This guide will light the path for you on tips and strategies to enhance the winning.

Play for XP

You can initiate the games by starting with 100 thousand coins that are ready to be baited. There are chances for you to lose at the initial stage and lose some bets, but eventually, you will start getting a grip on the game with experience and win bonuses and other similar rewards. It will also allow you to unlock many features and game settings once you reach the bonus level. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on the game, but each spic will allow you to win the game. Not only that, every new level you unlock, the game presents you with bonuses.


Maintaining a Decent Budget

Like playing any other slot game, or even casino games, you must keep in mind never overdoing or over bet on any hand or spin. This can eventually result in zero bank balance. This can also be applicable while playing inline slot Game of Thrones. As mentioned earlier, there are no tricks to win at the slot machines as they are also machines developed and use a random number generator, which makes the pattern very random. If you have 100 thousand coins, you can place a bet on 50 thousand; the chances are you might lose or win. Whatever the case is, you still have 50 thousand cons more to bet.

Quest Level to Attain Rewards

The next tip to win more money in the GoT-themed online slot machine is to play the quiz or quest. This is one of the advantages of playing online casinos by Zynga as they provide extra spins and rewards for you if won the quest. So, completing a level of the quest can make you win more rewards and collect winnings.

Cards and Upgrading

This is by far the unique feature of Game of Thrones. Apart from quest level, bonus rounds, and rewards, you can collect as much as cards you can to avail more spin and win more. Each of the upgrading levels and cards helps you to earn more spins.

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